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Our Top Brands

Top Brands for Top Value

Masunya Hardware Ltd stocks its supply inventory with high-quality brand names only. This way, we help ensure that your home improvement projects are completed safely and with durable, lasting materials. We want you to succeed and provide supplies that will make whatever you build last a lifetime. Here are some of our top selling brands.

Client 7


Trusted and True

Nothing screams beauty and style like Polar. We carry a large variety, so your choices of sophistication are numerous. Check out true quality and order today!

Client 8


Quality That’s Reliable

Masunya Hardware Ltd carries a large selection of Itaka, the perfect brand for any home improvement project. We supply quality. Check out our brand names today.

Client 2


Quality At Its Best

We take pride in offering Hexa to our customers. This brand is synonymous with quality and elegance - a perfect combination for your home. Order today!

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